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A Series on Design Styles : Early North America- Southwest Mission

In the last post I talked about Pueblo Style and mentioned it grew into Mission Style. I need to clarify that a bit. There are two Mission Styles common in the U.S. of A.: Arts & Crafts Mission and Southwest Mission. At some point during the early 1900s the two styles interact, but they never merge into one style- they continuously complement each other throughout history. Here I’ll discuss Southwest Mission. Architecture and History have something in common: People are always looking “back” and trying to see how things could be better. The U.S.A. was born in that manner: people were unhappy with their history and changed it, hopefully for the better. Architecture is certainly no different... (read more)
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What To Do With Walls

A typical ten foot by ten foot room can have (with eight foot ceilings) 320 square feet of wall. That is a little more than three times the footprint of the room! So what is a homeowner to do with all of that space? Walk through a model home in a new subdivision, and you'll see exciting things on the walls- from Wallpaper to Tile Mosaics to Murals. Walls are the largest square footage of a home. (read more)
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