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A Series on Design Styles: Arts & Crafts and its Influences

If you look back through the blog, you'll see a few references to Frank Lloyd Wright, and maybe even to Craftsman style. One of the first projects I had here in Arizona, coincidentally one of the first posts for the blog, was to develop plans for an addition to a home in a Historic District of Phoenix. Why mention such an early post? The Historic House is a little brick Arts & Crafts; it has built-ins, a key feature of the style that allowed for every day clutter to be tucked away when visitors came, while not over-filling the house with furniture. Though it was built outside the style's key time period, the home is an example of Arts & Crafts. It was also during that project when I mentioned Frank Lloyd Wright for the first time. (read more)
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A Series on Design Styles, Overview

You're hosting a get-together for your neighbors/family/friends, and while you're making sure everyone has a drink, or tried the appetizer, someone says: "I love this (style/theme) for your home. What is it?" Freeze. Total 'deer in the headlights' look/moment. What do you say? "I found everything in garage/yard sales/antique stores/salvage yards." Or, "I saw it in this magazine (or on this website), and felt like it fit with everything else." (read more)
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Historic Homes: Additions and Remodels

This last week saw me beginning a design for a home in the Coronado Historic District, and I know there are specific requirements when it comes to making any large changes or improvements to such a structure. So this weekend's post is about where I found the resources and guidelines provided by City of Phoenix. (read more)
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