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A Series on Design Styles : Early North America- Pueblo

I'm starting this series off with a regional style that predates Christopher Columbus : Pueblo (also called Southwest or Adobe.) I delighted in researching this style in college, so I am pulling my notes of storage and re-reading all the books to write this entry. This style started out as communal dwellings for the Native American tribes (Navajo, Apache, Hopi) through the southwest region of today's United States: Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, parts of Colorado, and parts of Texas. Built from the 9th through 14th centuries, some structures still stand today, such as Cliff Palace at Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado. (read more)
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What To Do With Walls

A typical ten foot by ten foot room can have (with eight foot ceilings) 320 square feet of wall. That is a little more than three times the footprint of the room! So what is a homeowner to do with all of that space? Walk through a model home in a new subdivision, and you'll see exciting things on the walls- from Wallpaper to Tile Mosaics to Murals. Walls are the largest square footage of a home. (read more)
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