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Historic Homes: Additions and Remodels

This last week saw me beginning a design for a home in the Coronado Historic District, and I know there are specific requirements when it comes to making any large changes or improvements to such a structure. So this weekend's post is about where I found the resources and guidelines provided by City of Phoenix. (read more)
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The Napoleon Project

It all started as a water heater failure in their mobile home. The sub floor was damaged in the middle of their home, in the bathroom and the kitchen. Due to the nature of the damage, their home spent 4 weeks drying out. We had to demolish their living room, kitchen, bathroom and hallway. Only the bedroom would remain largely untouched. Since it was a mobile home, everything in it had been custom made to the home. We had only 4 weeks to reconstruct their house and could not give them the same level of customization in that time frame; however, we gave them every opportunity to choose the finishes going into the remodeled home. (read more)
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New Services at AZ's Best 4 Less

Starting this summer, we have a new staff member at AZ's Best 4 Less Home Services. Here is a little more about her: Driven, responsible and detail-oriented, Krysta utilizes skills from previous jobs and college to remodel homes and offices. She is all about getting the client a fast turn over on their project. Often with the use of Sketch Up, she’ll give the client a view of their new space and make changes accordingly. Coordinating a color palette, bringing samples, shopping with the client, none of it is too trivial when it is your home or business. She earned her degree from The Art Institute of California- San Diego in 2010, where she Graduated with Honors, one of five in her major. Krysta joined the AZ’s Best 4 Less Home Services team in 2015 after relocating to the Phoenix area. (read more)
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