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When Considering a Remodel...

We've all been there: "We need to change this room." This posting will chat about some places to look for ideas and inspiration. I watch all of the DIY and HGTV shows about remodels and renovations... ALL THE TIME. I love going to the Paint Department at the hardware store. (The magazine section too!) (read more)
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Complimentary Video Walkthrough

Ever want to see what you're home, kitchen, or bathroom could look like, without having to picture it in your head? - AZ's Best4Less has the answer! Hire us to remodel your kitchen, bath or any other room, and your project gets an initial design video - AT NO COST TO YOU! Not a Complete Rendering - Used for Visualization Only. Your Design Video would include finishes for each area: shower, back splash, counter, cabinets, floor, wall- even glass on the windows! With entourage added in (people, furniture, etc) you'd get a sense of scale and how everything would interact with real people. (read more)
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