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When Considering a Remodel...

.... Always Have a Starting Point.

A Discussion on Inspiration and Ideas for Projects.

We've all been there: "We need to change this room." This posting will chat about some places to look for ideas and inspiration.

I watch all of the DIY and HGTV shows about remodels and renovations... ALL THE TIME. I love going to the Paint Department at the hardware store. (The magazine section too!) 

Print Media - Magazines, Newspapers, Books 

Whether you buy it from a bookstore, grocery check out line or hardware store, any design/home magazine will have articles about different spaces in the home, entire homes, or products (area rugs/accessories).

Often times, the Sunday paper will have a Home & Garden Section that talks about real estate, what to plant outside, etc. And the online version of the paper should have links over to other sites that discuss the projects further.

If you find yourself in a bookstore looking at the magazines and need a little more information, they also stock books on the subject - varying in decor styles, small homes, sustainable homes, the list can be endless.


If buying a book or magazine seems to daunting, try online. There are multiple websites dedicated to DIY, Design, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Paint, and Decor.
  • Pinterest is very popular for decor ideas, recipes, and crafts.
  • DIY Network, a cable channel, has all sorts of images galleries, show websites and product details to browse through. (This channel is what HGTV used to be about.)
  • Search Engines are also great. Just type in what you are looking for and explore all of the links and images results.

Hardware Stores

If you find yourself looking for hours at the kitchen displays, or paint chip galleries, pick up the fliers for each area or brand. Often times they include pictures of kitchens or rooms finished with the colors/materials you see in front of you. Most paint and cabinet manufacturers actually list inspiration galleries on their individual sites. The paint companies let you upload a picture of your own to pull colors from, or to pull their products into.

Always have a starting point for your project - contractors and designers cannot read your mind. We ask you questions about what you'd like your project to look like in the end.