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Researching Around the Web

So I was hoping to get time to sit and type out my next post for A Series on Design Styles, but there hasn't been the opportunity yet ... I can preview it for you:

  What have I been doing this week that there is no time to really update the blog? Research around the town, visit show rooms, work on the BIG project... Today, however, I took some time to check out my LinkedIn profile, and I found a blog that talks about Interior Design making people better. What struck me the most was the paragraph that talks about a return to craftsmanship and the lack of a real guide line for young designers (like me). I'll include the link so you can read it for yourself, but I get what the writer is saying. Yes there are trends in materials and the manufacturing of (3D printing, printing patterns on almost anything -including glass), but as a young designer I am adrift in that I have seen no true style to guide my designs.