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How to Clean off the scum, soap ,and water stains from shower glass

Maintaining It
First we need to be able to maintain the spots. If we take care of them on the regular basic it will be easier to clean them all up. Maintaining them is simple. After showering I recommend you to wipe the shower glass with either a paper towel , dry towel, or a squeegee. (I prefer a paper towel but all three work pretty well) This will help prevent more shower spots. 
What You Will Need

2. Water
3. Baking Soda
4. Spray Bottle ( Optional)
5. Sponge or brush ( make sure they are microfiber or anything that will not scratch your glass)
6. Paper towel, squeegee, or towel
7. Lemon, or lemon juice in container ( I believe the actual lemon works better)

Mixtures Instruction
1. Mix 2/3 baking soda with 1/3 vinegar ( it should become a paste like mix)
2.Mix half water and half vinegar in the spray bottle 

Lets Get Started

First you will need to rub lemon juice all over your shower glass door. 
Second scrub the baking soda paste on the glass. Scrub it all over make sure you are scrubbing on all the spots. You can spray a small amount while you are scrubbing to make it easier to scrub. Once you believe you have scrubbed enough I like to leave sit for a couple of minutes.
Last you can spray the bottle to with vinegar and water to wipe it off. You can also use glass spray after you wipe it. If you like you can just use the glass spray instead of the water mix with vinegar you created.  Whatever you like best I like to use windex after, but the option is yours. 
Remember this is a working progress. If it is not all gone the first time you will need to clean it a couple of times. 
Good Luck My Cleaning Queens, and Kings

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