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A Series on Design Styles, Overview

You're hosting a get-together for your neighbors/family/friends, and while you're making sure everyone has a drink, or tried the appetizer, someone says: "I love this (style/theme) for your home. What is it?"

Freeze. Total 'deer in the headlights' look/moment. What do you say? "I found everything in garage/yard sales/antique stores/salvage yards." Or, "I saw it in this magazine (or on this website), and felt like it fit with everything else."

Just like books and movies, homes have styles. Subdivision builders always have exterior themes for their homes- that is a style (Vintage, Old-World Tuscan, Bungalow, Ranch). Believe it or not, a few famous architects of days long past now have styles named for them- because they were so ground-breaking for their time (Frank Lloyd Wright and Antonio Gaudi, to name a pair).  Hopefully, this series will teach you a little more about styles for home interiors and exteriors.

The basics of Renaissance, Traditional, Modern, Contemporary, Cottage, Victorian, and a few others will be covered over the next few weeks.

If you'd like to see a remodel for your home done in one of these styles, just give me a call to schedule and appointment (480)494-7423.