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A Hard Lesson Learned

This last month saw me working with a homeowner in the Coronado Historic District in the City of Phoenix, Arizona. It very nearly was a full month of work on the project. Sadly, it was not approved due to an exterior addition that was not approved and permitted before my project.

Highlight: Car Port 
The homeowner had hired a gentleman (I am uncertain as to his qualifications) to build a car port on the north side of the home. It is structurally sound, quality work. However, they had not gone through the approval and permits process. Now, the owner, of the home can decide between applying for a variance and permits-after-the-fact (which is about three months and seven times the money of a demolition permit), or they can demolish the car port  and start from scratch.

One month of Design and CAD work cost this homeowner almost three thousand dollars. Now the addition project cannot move forward, which means time and money wasted. For the homeowner, and for me - I had to print three sets of plans twice - about forty dollars each time.

The moral of the story:

Always check with the city you live in about adding anything to the exterior of your house before you hire someone to actually do the work. The city can tell you what is allowed on the property, the limits in which you can build it, how much the permits will cost, etc.